Barack Obama is a much more cheerful fellow than Ebenezer Scrooge, but he faces a version of the same problem: He’s haunted by the ghost of a predecessor and collaborator, and he can’t get free of it. Halfway through Obama’s second term in the White House, he remains – in the most charitable interpretation – hemmed in or handcuffed by the policies and philosophies of the Oval Office’s previous occupant. He has never entirely gotten America extricated from Iraq, the issue that got him elected in the first place, and now seems to be getting dragged back in, à la Michael Corleone, by a dreadful civil war that the George W. Bush administration’s disastrous mistakes made possible. Obama has been unwilling or unable to hold anyone to account for the massive financial crimes that produced the catastrophic collapse at the tail end of the Bush era, and has largely left economic and financial oversight in the hands of the same criminal class. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog