For millennia, one key feature of India has always been its multiple religions and spirituality. So it isn’t very surprising that tech entrepreneurs and start-ups have cropped up with the arrival of the 21st century, looking to quench India’s spiritual thirst in cyberspace.

Indians spend about 30 billion dollars on Gods, temples, and pilgrimages annually. Many of them, however, aren’t always pleased with the experience. There are often long, tiring queues at overcrowded temples, where people are pestered by touts, who can spoil an entire outing. It was after one such visit to a temple that Goonjan Mall, an entrepreneur in his mid-twenties, launched Goonjan was trying to partake of some prasad — a food offering made to a deity and received by the faithful seeking blessings — but the temple’s ambiance put him off completely. Goonjan Mall told about his new venture: [Read more] – Michael’s Blog