Ferguson and Gaza: The definitive study of how they are and are not similar | Salon

As photographs and videoclips from Ferguson overwhelmed our mediascapes, they created a strange double-optic.  They seemed overlaid upon representations of events that had previously dominated our public consciousness: Images of the massive and on-going destruction of Gaza by the Israeli military.  This stereoscopic image immediately drew bloggers, pundits and op-ed writers to rush to draw parallels.  Indeed, in graphic terms alone the image of tear gas canisters filling the air with toxic smoke and of protesters hurling them back defiantly seemed exactly the same.  And when tweets offering advice to demonstrators in Ferguson emerged from Palestinians, and reports of Ferguson police having been trained by Israelis surfaced, all that only seemed to complete the equation: Ferguson is Gaza.

There are many parallels and resonances to be sure, and below I will get to some key ones.  But I have delayed responding because, as a comparatist, and also as someone concerned about racism in the U.S. and the racist policies of Israel, it is important to weigh things in as dispassionate a way as possible, to do justice to both sides. [Read more]

Police Killing of Yet Another Black Man Near Ferguson Protests Warrants Probe | truthout

It is disappointing to see that there has not been more public outrage – especially in the major media – about the killing of Kajieme Powell. He was shot by St. Louis police on Tuesday just a few miles from where Michael Brown was gunned down. A very clear video of the entire incident was released yesterday, and as the Huffington Post accurately reported, it shows a very different story than the one told by St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson the day before.

The video shows that the police pulled up over the curb, just a few yards from where Powell was standing and immediately drew their guns as they jumped out of the van. Within 15 seconds of their van arriving, they were shooting him. [Read more]

Conservatives literally make stuff up to smear Michael Brown | Daily Kos

LGF, who early on debunked the “broken eyesocket” nonsense, shows just how far conservatives went to invent that lie.

The short of it? A right-wing blogger used a generic CT scan found online and claimed it was a scan of Darren Wilson. And how clumsy was this lie? Well, he first posted this: [Read more]

“How Can You All Fix This?” Painful Questions in Ferguson After Another Police Shooting | The Intercept

A muggy evening of peaceful protest in Ferguson, Missouri gave way to a dramatic display of raw emotion on Thursday night, as police were confronted with the collective pain of the black community.

The twelfth day of demonstrations in the St. Louis suburb was, for the second night in row, free of the tear gas and violence that vaulted the shooting death of unarmed African American teenager, Michael Brown, at the hands of white Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, into the national spotlight. [Read more]

There’s Very Little in the Michael Brown Shooting Incident Report | Time

Nearly two weeks after Michael Brown’s death, a police report on the shooting has finally been made public. But the glaring lack of detail is likely to increase widespread criticism that the law-enforcement community is closing ranks around Darren Wilson, the officer who fatally shot Brown on Aug. 9.

The incident report, filed by the St. Louis County police department, contains no new information on the encounter between Brown and Wilson. There are no written details about the event. As a result, the officer’s account of what transpired when the two men met just after noon on Aug. 9 remains a mystery. [Read more]

As Law Enforcement Presence Eases, ‘Small Gains’ Are Noted in Ferguson | New York Times

Nearly two weeks after a white police officer shot an unarmed 18-year-old black man, setting off sustained and occasionally violent protests that made the name of this St. Louis suburb known throughout the world, the National Guard began to withdraw on Friday — a tangible sign that at least some normality had returned.

Heeding Gov. Jay Nixon’s orders to leave, five days after he had summoned them, soldiers began removing the yellow caution tape and orange traffic cones that had turned the nearby Northland Shopping Center into an unnerving maze, with a Foot Locker here, checkpoints there and the command center outside the Cricket Wireless store. For the first time in many days, shoppers outnumbered police officers and reporters. [Read more]

Obama’s remarks on Ferguson are tone deaf and disappointing | Washington Post

If President Obama’s comments on race in the anguished aftermath of the not-guilty verdict in George Zimmerman’s trial gleamed in light, his words on the rage that has thumped Ferguson, Mo., were shrouded in darkness. They revealed a gifted leader whose palpable discomfort with discussing race has made him a sometimes unreliable and distant narrator of black life.

When Obama gave his fullest statement yet on the cataclysm in Ferguson, he was cautious to a fault. The president understandably didn’t want to fan the violence. He had also learned his lesson after he lamented the stupidity of the police officer who arrested Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. for breaking into his own home; the blowback from that intervention pushed an already reticent Obama into monkish silence on race. Now the president mostly weighs in only when exigent demands leave him little choice. [Read more]


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