London is a cruel city. A quick walk from the steel and glass money temples of the Square Mile to the rundown estates of Bethnal Green shows you most of what you need to know about its harshness and its problems. There’s appalling poverty within braying distance of the bars where City boys slam down thousand-quid bottles of champagne – but none of their wealth ever trickles down, and none of them know or care about the tragedies on their doorstep. Instead, they help ensure that as the prices go up, life gets ever more expensive even as it is valued ever cheaper.

Depressing as that walk may be, I’d still recommend it more than struggling through the public transport network. It isn’t just that the trains are overcrowded, overheated and unreliable – it’s that you have to pay such an insulting amount for the privilege of travelling in such misery. Don’t drive either, unless you enjoy traffic jams, toxic fumes and being cut up at junctions. Don’t cycle unless you’re prepared to accept that every single driver on the all-too-narrow roads holds your life in contempt. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog