Mourning and Calls for Action at Funeral for Michael Brown | New York Times

During a deeply religious service here on Monday, family and supporters remembered Michael Brown, the unarmed black teenager who was shot and killed more than two weeks ago by a Ferguson police officer.

Thousands of people filled the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church at a service in which several speakers exhorted mourners to work for justice not just for Mr. Brown but for others, long after the funeral was over. [Read more]

Four Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Ferguson Protests | truthout

It has been two weeks since Ferguson, Mo., 18 year old Michael Brown was gunned down on the street after a police officer stopped him and a friend for walking in the middle of the street, and those two weeks have been full of tears, protests, anger and disbelief from both the residents of the city and a watching public. Since the unarmed African American teen was killed by officer Darren Wilson, a white policeman, violence has escalated in the streets at times, often relating to key disclosures about the investigation or calming again depending on which police force is out patrolling the area at night.

As the situation continues to change day after day in Missouri, including autopsy report releases, the arrival of the attorney general in the city or the new allegations that Officer Wilson was beaten by Brown prior to the fatal shooting (allegations many find hard to swallow), much of the focus has been on protests, media suppression and danger on the streets at night. Lost in all of that are a few key stories you may not be aware of: [Read more]

Ferguson Officer Who Arrested Reporter in McDonald’s Is Being Sued for “Hog-Tying” a 12-Year-Old | Slate

One of the Ferguson police officers who arrested a reporter for failing to leave a McDonald’s earlier this month is being sued for allegedly choking and “hog-tying” a 12-year-old boy, the Huffington Post says. (The HuffPo writer who was arrested, Ryan J. Reilly, is co-bylined on the report.) The incident occurred when the officer, Justin Cosma, worked for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. [Read more]

Cops Hold Mother And Four Kids At Gunpoint Because They Thought Her Red Nissan Was A Tan Toyota | thinkprogress

Police officers in Forney, Texas, were looking for a man reportedly driving with a gun out his window when they pulled over Kametra Barbour driving with four young kids earlier this month. A call reported four black men waving a gun out of a beige or tan Toyota. Barbour was also black, but that appears to be the only thing she had in common with the reported suspects. She was driving a burgundy red Nissan Maxima, she told the local ABC affiliate WFAA. And the four children she was driving home that night were younger than ten years old. [Read more]

We Won’t Go Back: March on Staten Island for Eric Garner | truthout

Thousands of people – streaming off caravans, buses and ferries – marched nonviolently and almost silently with Staten Island residents on August 23, joining the families of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. The New York Police Department reported 2,500 attendees, which seems very unlikely as sources reported 1,000 undercover police and 500 marshals were at the event. The march was led by Rev. Al Sharpton’s National Action Network on the 25th anniversary of the death of Yusef Hawkins, an African-American 16-year-old killed by a Caucasian mob.

Garner was put in an illegal chokehold by a NYPD officer on July 17 after police responded to a call that he was allegedly selling loose cigarettes. Witnesses say Garner had broken up a fight earlier. He is seen on camera repeatedly saying, “I didn’t do nothing.” He also said 11 times, “I can’t breath.” Garner suffered from a heart attack during the chokehold and died en route to the hospital. In a video captured by an eyewitness, Garner is nonrespondent and police are not seen performing CPR. NYPD trainees are certified in CPR at the academy. There is no requirement for recertification after the initial certificate has expired in two years. No arrests have been made in the homicide. [Read more]

Countries scolded on human rights lash U.S. on Ferguson | USA Today

Countries long the targets of U.S. scoldings for human rights abuses revel in the opportunity to call out Americans for the angry protests that have convulsed Ferguson, Mo., after the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager.

State-run media in China air extensive and often-critical coverage of the events in Ferguson. Editorials have pointed out the hypocrisy of the United States criticizing China for its treatment of Tibetans and ethnic minorities while apparently committing abuses at home. [Read more]


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