A number of years ago, I wrote an article published at Truthout in which I asked not to be thanked for my “service” as a United States Marine Corps Officer during the war in Vietnam. Clearly the article hit a nerve for both veterans and civilians. According to Truthout statistics, it has been shared over 2,700 times, and received 51,000 “likes.” While “dislikes” are not registered, judging by the feedback I received, I imagine that number to be significant as well.

I was motivated to write “Don’t Thank Me for My Service” for a number of reasons: First, I hoped to offer a sincere personal reflection of the Vietnam War experience to complement the mythology, lies and misinformation that has become so pervasive over the years, the latest being a 13-year Congressionally mandated “Commemoration” – probably “celebration” is more accurate – of the war’s 50th anniversary. I made no pretense in the article to be speaking for anyone other than myself. [Read more]


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