As Russian “humanitarian convoys” and, reportedly, armored vehicles rumble into Ukraine, and as the Ukrainian military struggles to put down an armed rebellion backed by the Kremlin, is there any hope of a political solution to a war in Europe that, a year ago, seemed utterly unthinkable?

The Ukrainian and Russian presidents, Petro Poroshenko and Vladimir Putin, met Tuesday, along with European leaders, to test the proposition. But in these circumstances, no one expects a breakthrough; at best, the meeting could lay the groundwork for further discussions. That in itself would be a major step forward, for ultimately this crisis, like all such crises, will end in a diplomatic resolution. The only question is the contours. And that will hinge to a great degree on the resources each side is prepared to expend and the sacrifices it will bear to achieve its goals. Where do things stand now? [Read more] – Michael’s Blog