Yazidis still stranded on Mount Sinjar: ‘We need weapons now more than food or water’ | The Guardian

For the US and its allies, Mount Sinjar is a success story: a humanitarian disaster alleviated by US air power. But hundreds, if not thousands, of Iraqis – mostly sick and old – remain atop the mountain, with no relief on its way.

Satellite images taken on 21 August by the firm ImageSat International and interviews with members of the Yazidi religious minority still on the mountain indicate a humanitarian emergency continuing to unfold. While thousands have fled down the mountain’s north face, making a dangerous trek into Iraqi Kurdistan through Syria, those on the southern side remain in crisis. [Read more]

Are Turkey’s top judges ‘assassins’? | Al Monitor

In a farewell speech at his party’s Aug. 27 convention, Turkey’s President-elect Recep Tayyip Erdogan lashed out at the High Court of Appeals. The speech provided insight into Erdogan’s state of mind and what is in store for the country in the coming days.

Erdogan, infuriated by a decision of the High Court of Appeals, branded the judges “assassins,” referring to the Ismaili order that branched off from Shiism in the 11th century and became notorious for its political assassinations. [Read more]

Can international law save Iraq’s Yazidis? | Al Jazeera

Hundreds of thousands of Yazidis have had to flee their native homeland; some have had to take to the mountains where they were facing starvation and death, while others managed to make it to areas controlled by the Kurdish Regional Government. Thousands were captured and killed by the Islamic State group.

US President Barack Obama’s response was to describe the situation as a threat of “genocide” and say: “Earlier this week, one Iraqi cried that there is no one coming to help. Well, today America is coming to help.” [Read more]

Hezbollah’s dilemma in Syria and the spillover to Lebanon | Middle East Monitor

The intervention of the Shia Lebanese militant group Hezbollah in support of the Assad regime in Syria has effectively exacerbated political tensions within Lebanon.

The Lebanese media has been largely focused on the conflict spillover from Syria. News coverage has been directed at events associated with the Syrian conflict: the latest bombings within the country, Hezbollah’s role as an army fighting “extremism”, and the political vacuum in the Lebanese government. [Read more]

In Gaza’s shifting sands, resistance inevitably wins | Middle East Eye

As Gaza drapes itself in mourning for its victims of Israel’s state terrorism, a spirit of triumph and determination is dominating the war-stricken people, who are writing a new defining chapter in the Palestinian national liberation struggle.

Israel has, once again, unleashed its brutal war machine against the Gazan population with the blessings of “Israel’s right to defend itself,” coming from the Obama Administration and many European capitals, and evidently back-channel approval from some Arab capitals – rhetoric aside – in a bid to crush Hamas and bring in the more pliable Ramallah-based Abbas regime. [Read more]

Libya’s ‘Regime Change’ Chaos | Consortium News

Within the past week the United Arab Emirates, aided by Egypt, conducted airstrikes against Islamist militias in Libya. The targeted forces are among the contestants in the surging turmoil and civil warfare in Libya.

The airstrikes do not appear to be part of a large and bold new initiative by Egypt and the UAE, which did not even publicly acknowledge what they had done. Nonetheless the strikes were, as an anonymous U.S. official put it, not constructive. [Read more]

Turkish-Kurdish peace: has the hour come? | openDemocracy

In years past August 15 has been a day of unrest in Turkey. Many Turkish Kurds observe it as the anniversary of the first confrontation between Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militias and Turkish security forces. It marked the start, in 1984, of the PKK’s campaign to establish a Kurdish state in Turkey. That campaign saw the PKK designated a terrorist group by the Turkish government, the US and the EU. [Read more]


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