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As far as ideological buzzwords are concerned, “Check Your Privilege” is right up there with “Rape Culture” in the hierarchy of excellent, beautifully conceived drivel. I am in awe of phrases like this, they are exactly what this blog has always been about, power through ideas. The genius of these phrases is that they do a large number of complicated things in merely a few words. They do the following,

  1. Establish ‘axioms’
  2. State the issue
  3. Frame the solution

Going through our framework with “Rape Culture” yields the following,

  1. Axiom: There exists a prevalence of rape in society
  2. The Issue: Society is a perpetrator of this rape
  3. Solution: The culture supports rape, males are those who rape, therefore males not only control culture (note the feminist framing here) but also support the culture of rape (being only the gender associated with rape).

This is a complicated set of assumptions and framing…

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