Mike Brown jury gets extension, charges for Ferguson officer may be delayed until January | RT

A St. Louis judge has granted an extension to the grand jury that has been tasked with deciding whether to charge a Ferguson police officer in the fatal shooting of teenager Michael Brown. The jury now has until January 7 to decide on an indictment.

St. Louis County Judge Carolyn Whittington made the decision on Tuesday to extend the deadline, St. Louis County Director Paul Fox, reported CNN. The jury’s regular term was set to expire on Wednesday. [Read more]

Utah man accused of attacking police with samurai sword was shot in the back: autopsy | Raw Story

An African-American man,  shot to death by Utah police who claimed he attacked them with a samurai sword, was shot in the back, according to an independent autopsy requested by the man’s  family.

22-year-old Darrien Hunt, was shot and killed by police while walking around with the  souvenir martial arts weapon outside a convenience store in Saratoga Springs, Utah, last Wednesday. [Read more]

How Many Ways Can the City of Ferguson Slap You With Court Fees? We Counted | Mother Jones

Over 100 people showed up on Tuesday night at the first Ferguson City Council meeting since Michael Brown’s killing, and unreasonable court fees were a major complaint. Ferguson officials proposed scaling back the myriad ways small-time offenders can end up paying big bucks—or worse. Community activists are optimistic about the proposed changes, but as it turns out, imposing punitive court fines on poor residents is a major source of income for a number of St. Louis County municipalities.

How bad is the current system? Say you’re a low-income Ferguson resident who’s been hit with a municipal fine for rolling through a stop sign, driving without insurance, or neglecting to subscribe to the city’s trash collection service. A look at the municipal codes in Ferguson and nearby towns reveals how these fines and fees can quickly stack up. [Read more]

Black Actress Says She Was Simply ‘Showing Affection’ in Public to Her White Celebrity Chef Boyfriend — Then Police Made Their Entrance (UPDATE: New Audio Surfaces) | The Blaze

The white celebrity chef boyfriend of a black actress said the couple was detained by Los Angeles police based on an assumption that she was a prostitute and he was her client.

Daniele Watts, who played Coco in the Oscar-nominated “Django Unchained,” was handcuffed during the incident that her boyfriend Brian James Lucas — a.k.a. Cheffy Be*Live — videotaped and photographed, CNN added. [Read more]

Retrial begins for Detroit cop who killed 7-year-old in ‘Reality Show Shooting’ | RT

Jury selection began Monday in the retrial for a Michigan police officer accused of killing a 7-year-old girl during a 2010 raid on her house while being followed by a reality-TV camera crew. The cop is charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Joseph Weekley was charged with involuntary manslaughter for shooting Aiyana Stanley-Jones as she slept on a couch the night of May 16, 2010. Weekley was among a group of Detroit officers executing a search warrant on a home where they hoped to find a 17-year-old murder suspect. They threw a flash grenade inside the home hoping the bright light, smoke and vibrations would confuse the occupants before the officers entered. [Read more]


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