It’s not about women. This is the most consistent answer that supporters give me in response to my article last week (The #Gamergate Question) asking what gamergate is actually about. Much of what I receive back is angry, sure, about how wrong I am, how much TechCrunch is clearly in league with oppressors, and various insults to my professionalism as a journalist despite not being one. But always, consistently, the women point. “Ok fine, FINE,” I think. “They say it’s not about women. Let’s see.”

And yet as more of the movement’s research and uncovering activities continue, they focus on women. Fresh targets like Kris Ligman and Adrienne Shaw replace Zoe Quinn. In discussing it on Facebook with several industry friends who’ve taken a stance, there is a clear distinction between how the women are being treated versus the men. Some women repost mind-boggling tweets, links, images and so on for us all to stare at agog. Us men? We just get told we’re wrong a lot, and probably corrupt. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog