In the past week, Secretary of State John Kerry has marshaled support of some sort from both European nations and from countries in the Middle East for the U.S. push against ISIS.  Unfortunately, the resulting coalition is riddled with contradictions that may well cripple it.  Here a some of the more important obstacles to a smooth alliance or coherent war plan.

1.  Kerry deeply wanted buy-in from Egypt, the most populous Arab state and the most important military power among the Arabs.  President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, however, insisted that the strategy be wider-ranging than just a push against ISIS He wanted a campaign against “terrorism” in general.  Al-Sisi’s government has declared devotees of political Islam, i.e. the Muslim Brotherhood, to be terrorists. Al-Sisi believes he can “turn” Obama, getting him to stop criticizing Egypt for the overthrow of the Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood) government, and that the U.S. need for him gives him a trump card in this regard. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog