When most people in the United States speak of international terrorism that has taken place on our soil, the immediate response is to talk of September 11, 2001. Though I worked in the World Trade Center, and was devastated at the time, that was not my first experience with terror. September 11 already had meaning for me, since it was the date in which a bloody fascist coup took place in Chile.

Those of us here who followed Latin American politics closely and who had Chilean friends who were part of the Allende movement, watched in horror as word leaked out about the rampage of killing and torture taking place on that “other September 11″ in 1973.

That was the date of the military coup “led by General Augusto Pinochet. The violent overthrow of the democratically-elected Popular Unity government of Salvador Allende changed the course of the country that Chilean poet Pablo Neruda described as “a long petal of sea, wine and snow”; because of CIA covert intervention in Chile, and the repressive character of General Pinochet’s rule, the coup became the most notorious military takeover in the annals of Latin American history.”

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