Here’s the best way to start an iPhone review: Goddamn do I love Android. I love its flexibility and efficiency. I love the way it bends to my will. And I’ve spent the past couple years loving that I can get a phone that isn’t made for someone with doll hands. So when I first saw the iPhone 6 Plus, bursting with extra inches—and iOS 8, finally sporting modern mobile features—I thought to myself, this might be the phone that brings me back to Apple.

For years, we talked about iPhone killers, but after taking on all comers, it really does seem like Google snuck in a massive reversal: Apple 2014 needs an Android killer. Which in my mind means it needed to abandon the idea that there is One True Screen Size and One True Way To Get Things Done. So I’ve really been looking forward to this big phone, and the interactive notifications, cross-application sharing and widgets of iOS 8. Because while Android may have the slickest OS, nobody can touch the application ecosystem on iOS. It’s the one thing I miss, and this new phone seemed like the device that would find a middle ground. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog