In 2013, a 24-year-old woman was working as a typist at a Pennsylvania state prison when an inmate named Omar Best entered her unlocked office, attacked her from behind, choked her unconscious and raped her for 27 minutes. Best, who had already been convicted three times of sex-related crimes and transferred from another prison for assaulting a female officer there, was sentenced to life in prison for the rape. A later investigation revealed multiple failures on the part of the prison to protect the victim before the attack occurred.

But, now that the woman has filed a federal lawsuit against the state’s Department of Corrections, the Pennsylvania attorney general’s office is blaming her for her own rape.

According to CNN, a senior deputy attorney general responded to the woman’s lawsuit by saying that she “acted in a manner which whole or in part contributed to the events,” which could be used as a legal defense of the state in the federal case. Although the attorney general’s office initially declined to comment, it later issued a statement asserting that it is required to present “all possible defenses,” and that “contributory negligence is one such defense.” [Read more] – Michael’s Blog