Last Sunday, a sunny September afternoon, Britain marched with the world to address climate change. The weather was indeed a stark contrast to what many had experienced earlier in the year, when storms caused widespread flooding across the UK.

During these floods a beautiful 7 year old child – Zane Gbangbola – died, and his father was left paraplegic when floodwater brought Hydrogen Cyanide gas, a gas that kills people, into their home. The floodwater had passed through unregulated landfill likely to have been contaminated and found its way into the family’s blood system.

The march generated many powerful messages communicated by celebrities, campaigners, the public and organisations that the risks to humanity and the environment associated with climate change are unacceptable.

I am Zane’s father, and I was pleased that those attending the London march were concerned by the story of Zane and wanted to join the campaign for the truth, recognizing our desire to protect the public at risk of the landfill gases that can be carried by flood water. As flooding increases in the UK, such risks to the public increase. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog