It had been planned for months: a civil disobedience movement that would take over the Central District in Hong Kong. The pro-democracy movement Occupy Central with Love and Peace had been confirmed to commence on 1 October, coinciding with the Chinese National Week, a celebration of the anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. The movement was reinforced by a student boycott that started last week. But this weekend, as both movement and boycott gained momentum, the Occupy leaders accelerated their campaign.

On Sunday, thousands of protesters gathered in the central districts of Causeway Bay, Wanchai, Admiralty, Central and on the other side of the river, in Kowloon. These protesters, often still school and university students, adhered to a carefully planned out strategy throughout the weekend. A civil disobedience movement, rather than a riot, was the aim. However, as the movement gained critical mass in the central districts, the City Government called in the riot police. The situation escalated as police dispersed the crowd with tear gas and pepper spray. According to an official police statement, 87 canisters of tear gas were thrown at the protesting crowd, and roughly 33 men and 13 women had to be admitted to hospital. The crowds returned to resume their peaceful protest. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog