On Tuesday, the United Nations reported that at least 331 people have died in eastern Ukraine since a ceasefire between the Ukrainian government in Kiev and the armed separatists was signed in early September. There are plenty of ways to look at this figure: Reuters went with the rate of 10 people per day. Placed alongside the 3,660 reported deaths in the conflict, 331 (ostensibly peacetime) deaths also constitute slightly less than one-tenth of the total number of casualties since fighting broke out in the region in mid-April.

But those conservative numbers—including nearly 9,000 wounded—hardly capture the extent to which the Ukrainian ceasefire is in tatters. As the United Nations report noted, “it appears that the majority of civilian victims were killed due to indiscriminate shelling in residential areas and the use of heavy weaponry.” The shelling came from both sides despite another deal signed in mid-September, which called for the withdrawal of heavy weaponry. [Read more]

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