Being a pundit means that you have a preternatural ability to speak for “America.” The magic of punditry, the stuff that makes cable news hum, is the ability of the pundit to divine through telepathy or clairvoyance or good old fashioned gut feelings what “America” is thinking about any given issue at any given moment. Once the divination is complete, the pundit goes on television or writes a newspaper column and informs America of how they feel.

There are masters of this craft, like Wall Street Journal columnist Peggy Noonan, whose connection with “America” is so finely tuned that she can sense the minutest vibrations in public sentiment and interpret them for her audience.  When news broke that a man in Texas had been diagnosed with Ebola, Peggy Noonan opened her mind to the country and sensed what they were feeling. With the IRS scandal and the Secret Service failures, Noonan discovered, America just wasn’t ready to trust the government when it said the Ebola situation was under control: [Read more] – Michael’s Blog