Twitter sues U.S. government over limits on ability to disclose surveillance orders | Washington Post

Twitter, the world’s largest microblogging platform, on Tuesday sued the U.S. government, alleging that the Justice Department’s restrictions on what the company can say publicly about the government’s national security requests for user data violate the firm’s First Amendment rights.

With its lawsuit, the San Francisco-based firm is seeking to go further than five other technology companies that earlier this year reached a settlement with the government on the permissible scope of disclosure at a time of heightened concern about the scale of government surveillance. [Read more]

Long arm of the law reaches for cyber crooks | Politico

When Roman Seleznev, the son of a member of Russia’s parliament, arrived at the Maldives airport to fly home from vacation, he never expected to be greeted by U.S. federal agents.

Now Seleznev is sitting in a Seattle jail, accused of having hacked into U.S. businesses from Russia to steal hundreds of thousands of Americans’ credit and debit card information — and selling it on extensive underground criminal forums he allegedly maintained. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog