When the government of Sierra Leone announced a three-day lockdown for the capital, Freetown, in September, boredom and cabin fever were not the only concerns for those forbidden to leave their homes.

A vast majority of Sierra Leoneans live hand-to-mouth, and many do not have the means to store food and keep it fresh. How then would they cope without being able to go out and buy food each day? This question occurred to Memuna Janneh, a British-Sierra Leonean living in London. In response, she funded and coordinated an effort, implemented by family and friends in the country, to distribute meals to those caught up in the lockdown.

“I live in Sierra Leone for part of the year so I know people who would struggle,” said Janneh. “I wanted to organise something for them but then I thought: ‘No, I have to help as many people as I can manage at the time.’” [Read more]

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