“Collaboration” is the order of the day in Ohio’s capital city, Columbus. It’s the word that Jim Fallows, Deb Fallows, and I heard most frequently when we visited Columbus for several days in early September for the American Futures reporting project. “Partnerships,” too. Collaboration and partnerships.

It is natural to be jaded about this kind of emphasis, because it’s so easy to say and often so meaningless. As with companies that say “Your call is very important to us!” while indicating the opposite by making you wait on endless hold, “collaboration” statements are often simply an empty tic or reflex. But in the case of Columbus, there appears to be something very real happening behind the buzzwords. It’s different in detail from the “collaborative” or “cooperative” interactions among government, businesses, and private organizations that we’ve described in some other cities, from Maine to Mississippi, but it is similar in spirit. [Read more]

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