On Jan. 1, 2008, teenage sisters Amina and Sarah Said were shot to death by their father in their hometown of Lewisville, Texas. It later came to light that the murders were a premeditated “honor killing,” as retribution for the eldest, Amina, rejecting an arranged marriage to a much-older man in Egypt, and for both the girls, honor students and athletes at their high school, having American boyfriends.

In the new documentary “The Price of Honor,” directors Neena Najad and Xoel Pamos examine the murders, the alleged complicity of the girls’ mother, the culture of honor violence, and the fact that the killer, Yaser Said, is still at large seven years later. Co-director and producer Pamos, who will appear at Women in the World Texas Oct. 22 in San Antonio to talk about the issue, spoke to The Daily Beast about, among other things, how he hopes this film will change that. [Read more]

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