It would not be remotely unusual for a foreigner who was forced to leave their birth nation and relocate to America to have contempt for this nation, its government, or its people regardless of which country they were born in. In fact, it is not even unusual for foreigners who emigrate to America for whatever reason to hold the country in such contempt that they would go to extreme lengths to make it comport with what their worldview dictates is Utopia. For one man, those extreme lengths included attaining political office to tear apart the government simply because in its current form, it goes contrary to his ideological bent.

Republicans have been on an anti-government tear since Americans elected an African American as President; not necessarily because they hate the government, but because they cannot control the direction of the country. Oh, it is true there is a relatively large contingent of Republicans who would love nothing more than to see this government reduced to a size they could drown in a bathtub,but they are intelligent enough to keep their machinations limited to starving the government into bankruptcy under the guise of fiscal conservatism. Most Republicans refuse to countenance government they cannot control and it has been the driving force behind their crusade to obstruct governance for nearly six years including shutting it down to achieve their goals. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog