This isn’t a game for the people of Southeastern Ukraine. It’s a matter of life and death. If they are labeled Russian separatists, terrorists, or Russian military, they and their families will die. No one will care. No one will blink. No one will know.

If you can’t put yourself in their shoes, let me do it for you. Here I am. I live here.

George Eliason, embedded with the army of Novorussia, Donbass, Ukraine

When I was first introduced to the Prezrak commander Sergei77 I got the distinct impression he was expecting someone with the credentials, experience, and expertise that Graham Phillips has shown covering this war. Phillips is by far the most under viewed embedded journalist I have ever known about. He continually running to the real hotspots in the war to document and cover news no other western journalist is covering.

The first question Sergei77 asked when he saw me was where were my news camera and microphone? “Andre” who introduced us, explained I was a writer which didn’t seem to go over as well as I hoped. My thoughts on video at that point were more in line with taking notes with some documentation. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog