When, earlier this week, Zambian President Michael Sata died in London aged 77 – making him the 11th serving African head of state to die since 2008 – an old question resurfaced in social media circles: Why do so many African leaders die in office?

Now, with the happenings in the landlocked West African nation of Burkina Faso, another question has emerged: Why do African leaders like clinging to power?

While “sit-tightism” is not an exclusively African condition, the list of longest-ruling heads of state is dominated by Africans: Cameroon’s Paul Biya (39 years) followed closely by Angola and Equitorial Guinea and Angola (35), Robert Mugabe (34). Blaise Campaore, until this week Burkina Faso’s president, has ruled since 1987 (three-quarters of his people have never known another leader). [Read more]

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