Here is a fun little paradox to get you in the mood for the weekend: when is equal pay “sexist”? When it’s for female athletes. Boom! Am I right, lads?

This was the verdict of a sports commentator in the Times on Wednesday, reacting to a BBC Sport survey that found male athletes are awarded more prize money than their female counterparts in 30% of sports. Now, some might feel that 30% is sufficiently unequal, but this commentator feels it is not unequal enough. Not only should men win more money than women, he wrote, but more of them should win a lot more: “To deprive Federer of income by handing it to female players is not far from daylight robbery,” he spluttered. Yes, because if one word is universally associated with Roger Federer, it is “deprived”. And how about those women, eh? Expecting to be “handed” equal prize money, just because they won the same tennis tournament! Later in the same column, these lazy, gold-digging female athletes are described as “snaffling money from men”. Tchuh – typical women. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog