As the Syrian tragedy mounts day by day, international attention increasingly focuses on the big picture of geopolitical and military clashes. Other issues go unnoticed despite their importance, such as the siege that the Palestinian camp of Yarmouk has been subject to for more than a year. The latest consequence of Yarmouk’s siege is thirst, which its inhabitants have been enduring for weeks. We Want to Live: Thirst Under Siege is the name of a grassroots campaign addressing this issue, to try to bring it the attention it deserves.

Launched by young Syrians and Syrian-Palestinians from inside and outside the Camp, the campaign aims to raise awareness about the way the regime has been retaliating against Yarmouk. “Its inhabitants are pushed to die of starvation, thirst, and diseases”, one of the campaign’s organizers said to SyriaUntold. “The siege has been ongoing for a long time, but the situation has gotten even worse since the regime cut the water supply.” [Read more] – Michael’s Blog