The silly defenses of street harassment continue to roll out, with many men angrily insisting that women are overreacting to men just being nice and saying “hi”. (I want any man who does this to give me his phone number so I can text him 100 times a day with demands for attention disguised as banal greetings and see how he likes it. Or I would, if I had the time.) Even Michael Che of Saturday Night Live got crabby with women over this, disingenuously and poutingly writing, “I want to apologize to all the women I’ve harassed with statements like ‘hi’ or ‘have a nice day.’”

Here’s what I don’t get about this whining: Okay, let’s just entertain for a moment the idea that women, as an entire gender, are a bunch of hysterical overreactors who think that an occasional “hi” is some kind of assault. Let’s just play along with that for a moment. Then the answer is still to leave them the fuck alone. Sometimes people don’t like stuff you think is cool or perfectly innocent. My boyfriend doesn’t like eggs. My mom doesn’t like punk rock. These are things I like. Do I react to this difference of opinion by constantly shoving eggs in his face or blaring punk rock at her while saying, “You SHOULD like it and I’m going to KEEP DOING IT until you learn to like it!” No, that would make me an asshole. So even if you think women should like being hollered at all fucking day—and again, I recommend having someone text you banalities 100 times a day to make sure you really think that it’s so wonderful getting all this attention before you open your fool mouth again on the subject—women told you they don’t like it. Persisting is clearly just an effort to hurt and punish them for not giving you what you want. [Read more] – Michael’s Blog