After any police controversy involving black people, the right-wing media turns to an exercise in brainstorming excuses synonymous with “the fog of war”. Maybe Mike Brown actually was a demon. Maybe the 911 caller who said that 12-year-old Tamir Rice’s gun might have been a toy was actually part of an elaborate conspiracy to get the cop shot with a real gun disguised as a toy gun because “kids will be kids”. You can never be sure with these people.

Except Eric Garner. The trouble with his death, at least for the right-wing media’s instinctual denial complex, is that there’s video. You don’t need to do your Rust Cohle impression and reconstruct Ferguson grand jury evidence into something like a working crime scene. You can watch Eric Garner, and you can watch the men who made him die, and the men who made him die were police. After weeks of explaining away Ferguson as Mike Brown’s fault, outlets like Fox News faced a quandary: How do you make the unambiguous go away? [Read more] – Michael’s Blog