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Wherever German Chancellor Angela Merkel goes, protests follow. So when she landed in Lisbon two days before the Southern European general strike on November 14, 2012, the international press expected similar scenes to that which took place in Athens when tens of thousands demonstrated against her visit to the Greek capital.

Unfortunately, the demonstration on that Monday afternoon only attracted a couple of hundred leftists under the banner “Fora Merkel!” – Merkel must go. Riot police and metal fences separated protesters from the Presidential Palace where Merkel met with members of the Portuguese cabinet.

In Athens, placards and posters read, “Merkel in Athens is like Hitler in Paris.” These would be echoed later in Cyprus where teenagers took to the streets earlier in 2013. [Read the full article]

Worth to have look. This op-ed raises some interesting questions while it approaches the topic from a broader and different angle.


The Troika is destroying Europe country by country. Our silent acceptance shows that we’ve given up on national democracies and no longer understand democracy’s fundamental principles.

Changing times need new words. Until you can accurately describe what is going on, you lack the agency to fully understand it and the capacity to respond to it. In this spirit, the Académie Franciase has invented a word for hashtag (#): mot-dièse. And in this spirit, I’d like to introduce a new term into European vocabulary: getting troiked. [Read the full article]


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