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Fukushima I nuclear power plant before the 201...


Japan’s prime minister has promised “firm measures” to combat leaks of radioactive water from the Fukushima nuclear power plant after its operator, Tepco, was criticised for a lack of action.


“There is heightened concern among the public, particularly about the contaminated water problem,” Shinzo Abe said during a government nuclear disaster response meeting at his office. “This is an urgent matter that needs to be addressed. The government will step in to take firm measures.” Such measures might include funding a costly containment project. [Read the full article]


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Fukushima I nuclear power plant before the 201...


The Nuclear Regulation Authority will beef up monitoring at the crippled Fukushima No. 1 power plant, an NRA official said Tuesday, after Tokyo Electric Power Co. came under fire for its apparent delayed revelation that radioactive groundwater had reached the Pacific.

The revelation triggered alarm bells over the plant’s precarious state and the capability of Tepco to deal with a long list of problems two years after it was swamped by tsunami and suffered three reactor core meltdowns. [Read the full article]


Al Jazeera English: Fukushima nuclear leaks alarm Japan regulator.

Fukushima – still hot

Fukushima I nuclear power plant before the 201...



Apparently no longer of much interest for the media. However, Fukushima Daiichi remains red hot…


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