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It’s a move worthy of Shakespeare: two years after he came to power, North Korea’s young ruler has apparently purged and executed his own uncle for plotting a coup against him.

The brutal tale, broadcast at length on state media, had the world gripped. But how much is true? And how much has it revealed about the way North Korea’s ruling family works?

Sitting on the podium beneath a giant beaming portrait of his late father, Kim Jong-un wore an expression that seemed calculated to catch attention. [Read the full article]



This is the bridge connecting China and North ...


Tourists from China have been accused of throwing sweets at North Korean children “like they’re feeding ducks”.


Authorities in China have recently sought to improve the reputation of their globetrotting citizens by issuing behavioural guidelines. [Read the full article]


English: A crater lake at Tianchi (Heaven Lake...

English: A crater lake at Tianchi (Heaven Lake, 天池) at Baitou (Chinese Changbai Shan) at the border of China and North Korea Deutsch: Der Tianchi (Himmelssee) auf dem Changbai Shan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Was there something sinister happening during North Korea’s annual day of military demonstration celebrating the anniversary of the armistice with South Korea? Probably not, despite the mass of goose-stepping soldiers and parade of intimidating missiles.

No one can seem to agree whether or not North Korea subtly debuted some new, long range missiles during yesterday’s long military parade. The Associated Press didn’t notice new weapons on display during the parade, and that would seem to fit the low key theme to this year’s festivities. Despite the pageantry and pomp on massive scale, the parade was practically demure compared to last year’s event. And Kim Jong-Un did not speak this year, so there was no bellicose anti-Western rhetoric. Things seemed calm on the surface. [Read the full article]


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