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This is the bridge connecting China and North ...


Tourists from China have been accused of throwing sweets at North Korean children “like they’re feeding ducks”.


Authorities in China have recently sought to improve the reputation of their globetrotting citizens by issuing behavioural guidelines. [Read the full article]


A South Korean checkpoint in the Korean Demili...

A South Korean checkpoint in the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Tensions between North Korea and South Korea have not improved since the signing of the armistice in 1953. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Marking the 60th anniversary of the Korean War armistice, North Korea exhibits its military strength while the South urges ‘an era of new peace and hope.’

SEOUL — The two Koreas on Saturday commemorated the 60th anniversary of their armistice, but in vastly different ways. [Read the full article]


South Korea's Formula 1 Track @ Dawn

South Korea’s Formula 1 Track @ Dawn (Photo credit: k.kazantzoglou Life is full of surprises!!! :))

South Korea’s economy grew by more than forecast in the April to June period, boosted by a jump in domestic consumption and government spending.

Growth was 1.1% higher in the quarter than in previous three months, the Bank of Korea’s advanced estimates showed. [Read the full article]

I hope that both countries can return to a “modus operandi” to deal with each other. Particularly when one looks at the real challenges North Korea should face there is much more potential for both sides where they can collaborate together.

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